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Do I need Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification?

We require CPR for Health Care Professionals certification for every discipline. We teach CPR during each year in Bend. Additionally, there are certifications of CPR for Health Care Professionals through other organizations locally. If you currently are certified through your workplace, a copy of your current card is required to document your status. To meet…
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Do I need OEC if I’m already an EMT-B or higher, WFR, RN, MD?

Yes and no. We offer a challenge class for those with other emergency care certifications, so they may not need to take the full OEC class. However experience has taught us that these certifications may not fully prepare students for the types of first aid skills they are likely to need on the mountain. Students…
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What does the ski evaluation consist of?

The ski test will consist of two or more runs. On the first one we go through the basics: Carved, short-medium-long radius turns, strong snowplowing, sideslips/falling leaf, herringbones, etc. We will demonstrate each of these skills so you know what we expect For those interested in alpine patrol we will also ski moguls, then do…
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