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Who do I talk to if I have a question?

The Candidate Training Director is your primary contact with the patrol. He/she will help guide you through the entire candidate process, notify you when training will be held, and answer all your questions. The CTD can be reached by emailing pkspinfo@pksp.org.

How long does the qualification and training take

The ski test is usually done in the spring. Click HERE to notify the patrol of your interest in participating in the evaluation. The OEC class starts in the early summer and continues a Monday and Thursday evenings through the fall (approximately 90 hours of classroom time). Flat land and On the Hill training can…
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What are the costs associated with becoming a member of the Pine Knob NSP

Costs include $$$ for OEC, $83 for NSP dues, $$$ for textbooks, $$ for other supplies and TBD for jacket/vest/pack. These numbers are estimates and can vary.

Privileges for Aid Room Patrollers

We have a limited number of Aid Room Ski Patrol positions for those who have excellent OEC skills, but do not possess or choose to use the ski skills required of the “on-the-hill” ski patrol. The primary responsibility of Aid Room Ski Patrol is to staff Pine Knob’s first aid rooms in four hour shifts,…
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Privileges for Alpine & Nordic Ski Patrollers

As an Alpine or Nordic Patroller, you will receive a season ski pass at Pine Knob. If you are married, your spouse and children under the age of 18 who live with you will also receive ski passes.

Privileges for Trainees

As an Trainee, you will be able to ski for free at Pine Knob as long as you are wearing a trainee bib. Candidates ski free, during their training days.

What is my commitment to the volunteer patrol?

You will be required to Patrol a minimum of 2 days per week and attend a CPR and Fall Refresher each year as well as attending monthly patrol meetings. You will signup for patrol days each trimester, or two month period beginning in November. You are free to choose your days although specific choices are…
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What is Probationary Status?

Prior to being voted on by the patrol to join our ranks, all candidates must complete probationary patrolling. Candidates will patrol with various patrollers throughout the day. Candidates are required to learn the mountain’s terrain, along with completing other probationary details. This is where other patrol members get a chance to know you, observe your…
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What and When is the On-The-Hill OEC Training – Patrol Candidates Only?

This training follows the OEC classroom training and begins in November. You take your newly learned medical skills to Pine Knob for outdoor training. This focuses on emergency medical scenarios in an outdoor environment. Prior to the mountain opening, the training is held on “flat land”. Once the mountain is open the training is held…
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What is the Fall Refresher?

Annual OEC-recertification, which covers approximately one third of the OEC curriculum, is required of our membership, either by attending Pine Knob’s Fall Refresher, or refreshers offered by other NSP Patrols. This training refreshes many of the patroller’s skills such as OEC, chairlift evacuation, mountain medical protocols, and snowmobile protocols. The Chair Lift and CPR refresher…
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