Learn About Ski Patrol Training

Joining the Pine Knob Ski Patrol is an exciting process that takes commitment and dedication. It's an intense year and a half training program that is challenging and rewarding.

Here are the highlights of joining the team:

You will first ski with one of our elite training staff for a couple of hours so that they can evaluate your technique and assess your “opportunities for improvement.” This will allow them to place you in a group with the right instructor for your enhancement needs.

Next, you'll spend a season skiing with the training team and building your confidence and technique.

After your first season as a candidate on the hill, you'll be ready for the medical class, Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), where you will learn all the basic first aid skills required to pass the written and hands on test at the end of the semester. Plan a four [4] month window in the summer to complete this challenging, but doable, program. At the end, you will have accomplished a significant training initiative and if nothing else, simply be a better person for it.

When the snow flies the season following your OEC class, you’ll be back on the hill this time wearing a ski bib with the medical support crossed exposed signifying that you are trained and capable of working with other Patrollers in an injury situation. The ski training intensity will increase and you will be evaluated for the possibility of testing for your Red Jacket.

The basic test is typically the first week of February each year. You will be “evaluated” to see if you have conquered the skills necessary to proudly become a jacketed member of the Patrol. Trust me, this will be a major accomplishment in your life!

Here is an example of the timeline for a standard Patrol Candidacy:

Sample training schedule/calendar.

And don't forget the fun! You'll meet some of the coolest people in your training and classes, creating lifelong friends as you become part of the PKSP family.

Training pictures.