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When candidates are asked why they joined the Ski Patrol, most laugh and say the, “free skiing!” The reality is that all of us want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Something that lets you know, deep down in your heart, that you have been of service to your community and made a real difference. While the medical training is challenging, and the skiing often taxing, your passion overcomes your pain and the reward is well worth the effort.

Ski Patrol is more than wearing the prized red jacket. It is knowing that you are a better person for pursuing a path less traveled. And, that you can proudly stand with peers who have done the same. TEAM is a word used loosely too often. Yet, being part of a Patrol Team is knowing you have joined with other men and women who have committed themselves to the highest standards, and perform their duties with honor and courage each time the jacket goes on…and even when it doesn’t.

So at 8:30 pm on a Tuesday evening, with the wind blowing at 25 mph and a wind chill of -25 degrees, you are ready and able to rescue a young guest who has been injured in a major fall. After you throw your gear in the truck at the end of the shift, you pause to smile knowing that you and the team made big a difference in one person’s life that night. Today, you “lived the calling, and created an experience” that will stay in your memory for years to come. That’s the power of being a member of the National Ski Patrol.

RIGHT, RED, RESPECT. Do the RIGHT thing. Wear the RED jacket proudly and  humbly. RESPECT yourself and others.


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